Professional Wedding Packages

Choose seasoned photographers with years of training in the foundations of film and digital artistic vision.  Our photographers are chosen for their professionalism, ethics, and knowledge to provide you with consistently exceptional photography.  You have enough to think about on your wedding day, leave getting the right photos to us!

Our photographers receive extensive training to handle anything that comes up on your wedding day; we’ve seen it all!  From power outages, weather problems, or grumpy uncles - Shutter Up and Smile Photography has proven experience; we overcome these issues instantaneously and capture the best of your wedding memories. 

Invest by hiring true, decades of experience, professionals.  Don’t miss critical photographs by being someone else’s training project.

Our package is simple - instead of giving you a ton of tough choices to figure out which to get - we simply have one package.  $2100 and 8 hours.  If less then 8 hours - each hour is a $100 credit* towards an album or a gallery print/product credit. 



Our Only Package! 

(don't worry - we can customize as you need)


  • Full Day Coverage (up to 8 hours)
  • Website Gallery
  • 2nd Photographer as available**
  • Wedding Album (8x8, 20 sides, Linen)
  • $200 Print Credit*
  • Download of all your final wedding photographs.



We use wedding albums.  Hourly credits can be used for wedding album options and extras like Leather cover instead of linen, extra sides, cameo on cover, larger size, etc. 

Engagement or Post sessions available, upon request, depending on location & timing, starting at $350



* No cash value or cash refund for each credit hour or print credits.
** A second photographer that meets our expectations, responsibility, moral obligations and punctuality can be tough to find sometimes.  Yes, seems like a lot of expectation on our part for a "second" but we feel if we can meet these requirements - so can our "second".