Welcome to Shutter Up and Smile Photography


We are a full-time, professional photography company specializing in weddings, portraits, and light commercial portraits.

I'm Jason Luby, the owner of Shutter Up. 

A little history:

On Christmas of 1984, my Mom gave my Dad a Nikon EM camera kit.  When my Dad opened his present, my eyes lit up like it was mine!  I was 14 and couldn't wait to get my hands on Dad's camera.  In no time, I was shooting rolls of film, learning aperature and shutter speed and before long - I had my own darkroom in my parent’s basement.  As time went on, Dad would have to ask me if he could borrow his camera!

Once in high school, I upgraded to more professional Nikon film cameras.  Cameras like the FM and FM2 with full manual exposure taught me the foundations of exposure.  The FE2, N2000, and FA gave me more experience with automatic settings; I expanded to more creative outlets.   Eventually an F3 professional film camera was in my hands and by 1995, I had worked up to full Nikon professional film cameras including the F4E, F4S, and F5.  In 1999, the Professional Digital Age was born with the Nikon D1.  In 2001 - Shutter Up and Smile Photography was born and by 2002 we were full digital.


We are proud to say our Nikon heritage lives on We are Full Frame Digital, shooting professional Nikon D700's.  And that little Nikon EM - I still have it!  It’s sitting on a shelf, a reminder of where my love of photography all started.

Shutter Up has had the privilege to photograph individuals, families, and weddings throughout Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, and New Jersey.  Are you next?